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broo: (noun, of Scottish origin) the liquid in which food has been cooked; broth

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Conscientiously created,
nutrient-rich bone broth for your health and vitality.

At Guru Broo we use locally sourced bones from pasture-raised animals and add organic home-grown herbs and spices. We cook the broo over low heat for over 18 hours to extract all the nutrients without diminishing their nutritional value. Fresh, small-batch bone broth conscientiously created in the heart of the desert southwest using traditional cooking methods to maximize the positive effects on your health and vitality.

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Guru Broo Bone Broth improves the health and vitality of Tucson and surrounding communities through delicious and nutritious bone broth made from high-quality, sustainably grown and raised ingredients, and using traditional cooking methods to maximize nutritional value. 



Conscientiousness: We go out of our way to do what is right for the customer, the animals, the farmers and the planet and are mindful of the energy we bring to the [literal and metaphorical] table.

Quality: We source local, organic, pure ingredients that inherently raise the vibrancy of our products.

Honesty: Our label says it all: our products contain nothing more and nothing less than what is listed.

Empowerment: Our customers discover they have the power to nourish their bodies, heal themselves and live vibrant, energetic lives.

Kindness: We pay reverence to the animals whose bones we source, the farmers who raise and grow our ingredients, and our customers.

Generosity: $.25 from every jar sold goes towards the
Tucson Village Farm.

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